Terms and Conditions



Check-in is possible starting from 15.00h. Please notify us if you arrive later than 22.00h.

On the day of departure you must leave the bungalow at 11.00h at the latest. If you plan to leave earlier than 8.30h, please report this to the reception the day before departure.

Camper-, caravan and tent pitches:

Check-in is possible from 13.00h.

You must leave the camper and tent pitch by 13.00h at the latest.


You can cancel free of charge until at least 3 days before arrival. Afterwards, we will charge 100% of the outstanding balance.

In case of lockdown or closure of the borders, the reservation will be canceled free of charge.

In the case of a no-show or early departure, we will charge the total amount of the reservation. We do not need proof of cancellation, but we strictly adhere to the above conditions.

If you wish, you can get a cancellation insurance with an insurer of your choice, we do not offer this.

Force majeure clause: In case of force majeure, the above cancellation conditions will lapse. Force majeure includes, but is not limited to: war (danger), uprising, strikes, failures in the energy circuit or traffic, government measures, scarcity of raw materials, natural disasters, extraordinary weather conditions or any other circumstance that results in full or partial fulfillment of the agreement. cannot be expected from the manager in reasonableness and fairness. If there is force majeure that prevents the provision of the bungalow, camper, camping or tent pitches, you are not entitled to any compensation or reimbursement of the accommodation costs already paid. You will receive a voucher worth the accommodation costs already paid. This voucher serves as a credit for a future reservation. The voucher must be used within a period of 2 years.


Our bungalows look great and we would like to keep it that way for you and the guests after you. If damage is detected (broken or stolen objects) after departure, we will charge this. With normal use there is of course no reason for you to worry.


If the guest rents or uses goods during his stay, the guest is responsible for all damages, of whatever nature. Urban Gardens does not offer any damage and/or theft insurance.

The rental bicycles have a retail value of 580 euros. This is also the amount to be paid in the event of a complete defect, loss or theft. In the event of a partial defect, we will charge the net repair costs. It goes without saying we do not charge for wear during normal use.

  • Basic cabin: 4 people
  • Camping pitch: 5 people
  • Tent pitch with electricity: 5 people
  • Tent pitch without electricity: 2 people
  • Camper pitch: 5 people

If we notice that this condition is being violated, we can deny you access to the bungalow. The cancellation conditions will be in effect (see article 2)


After reservation you will be asked by email to enter your payment card details. At that time, the amount will be reserved on your payment card. The balance will be charged 7 days before arrival.


If you haven’t paid 7 days after the planned departure date at the latest, we will forward your file to our law firm. If applicable, we will charge you an additional 50 euros in file costs and 1% interest per started month.


There is a pleasant atmosphere at Urban Gardens, and we like to keep it that way. Motorized traffic is not allowed on the domain between 22.00h and 7.00h.

We also ask you to respect the night’s rest of all guests after 22.00h. If a nuisance of any kind is determined, this may be a reason to end your stay early. The cancellation conditions will be in effect (see article 2).


If your group consists exclusively of young people under the age of 23, we reserve the right to refuse your reservation.


It is your vacation, so we clean the bungalows!

However, you must do the dishes and put the waste in the containers. If upon departure it appears that you did not do the dishes, we will charge 30 euros. If it appears that you did not remove your waste, we will charge 50 euros.

If we find excrement, urine and/or puke in a place that is not the toilet, we will charge at least 100 euros extra. We understand that this sounds strange and is a bit harsh, but we unfortunately have experienced this in the past and we want to protect ourselves from it. It goes without saying you don’t have to worry with normal use.

  1. PETS

Guide dogs are allowed. Other pets on request.


It is strictly forbidden to smoke in the bungalow. This is possible on the outside terrace.